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Sponsored Skydive Fundraising Schemes

Jump for Free scheme:

If a supporter raises a minimum amount set by a charity, they can use a portion of the sponsorship to pay for all or part of the skydive. Charities allow supporters to use this method as it gives them a fantastic selling point ‘Jump for Free!’ which encourages people to support their charity by signing up & raising money. Most charities use the standard minimum of £395; £250 of which pays for our charity skydive which is from 15,000 ft with a minimum of £145 going to the charity. Supporters receive a cheaper jump price by using the ‘Jump for Free’ scheme. Most people exceed this amount as skydiving is a more ‘challenging’ event. If the supporter does not raise the minimum amount set out by charity, the supporter must pay any shortfalls or they will not be allowed to jump.

Self Fund Scheme:

Supporters pay all skydive costs using their own money, with all sponsorship going directly to the charity. No minimum amount can be requested from supporters using this scheme. Supporters can choose any of our different priced jumps including promotional offers. Please note; our skydive prices start at just £149 (the cheapest in the whole of the UK).


Online Giving Pages while using the Jump For Free scheme

If a supporter opens an online sponsorship page (e.g. Justgiving) and raises all/most sponsorship via the site, will the charity accept an invoice for the balance of their skydive (£200), only if they have raised the minimum amount you have requested, as above? Alternatively, supporters will be asked to raise the jump cost offline and be unable to use sites such as Justgiving.


Sponsorship Money - If a supporter has raised all sponsorship offline, they are required to bring on the day a personal cheque made payable to the charity for a minimum of £145 and sponsorship forms. We do not accept cash for sponsorship. If a supporter does not have a cheque made payable to the charity for a minimum of £145, we would not check them in. We will always make sure the charity gets the sponsorship. We would send all sponsorship to the charity as soon as the supporter has jumped.

At Skydive Buzz Ltd, we have an in-house online sponsorship facility. Please see Raise 'N' Jump T&Cs Agreement


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